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» Comics - page 70 - May 27th, 2010, 3:02 pm

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Author Comments:

Celeyo, May 27th, 2010, 3:08 pm

So, it seems my work computer is breaking down. :'D

...Gabe is probably the most air-headed character I know sometimes. :'D Poor, poor Falc.


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User Comments:

hanasasaki, May 27th, 2010, 3:29 pm

i just read this comic and its so awesome! <3

oh! i like falc's hair like this XD lol

Eternalxsnow, May 27th, 2010, 4:50 pm

Mikan is probably getting into trouble again xD
Falc you bad grandpa! Don't even know how to look after your own grandchild, tsk, tsk,tsk :P

HaKu10, May 27th, 2010, 5:34 pm

OOo, his hair's so cool! LOL, she called him dad! XD

firefly376, June 2nd, 2010, 2:39 pm

XD !!!!
I love Falc's and Gabe's relationship so much~ <3 You make me want to draw them all the time!! XD The "stare" panels at the top are too funny.

RedBl0odx, June 2nd, 2010, 7:18 pm

meh i havent been able to comment in so long ;W; i missed a few pages....xD.. this page is funny tho lol

Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic, June 8th, 2010, 7:40 pm

I love Falc more and more as this comic goes on. You know what? I love Gabe too. They're both great characters

Celeyo, June 9th, 2010, 6:47 pm

hanasasaki: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it. :D

Eternalxsnow: Ahaha, I love how you're putting the blame on Falc instead of Gabe. XD

HaKu10: Indeed she did! *grin* And thanks! If we're lucky, he'll keep this style for a while. XD

NanaYuki: I know right! It's just a pity he himself doesn't like it. XD

Raye: Ahaha, I'm glad! :D And you know I already love you forever for the Blackmail picture of Gabe and Falc, but you even thinking of drawing them more makes me even more giddy. XD <3

Red: Ooh, welcome back! :) You didn't really miss much. OTL And thank you! <3

Hyli_Tuben_Mechanic: Thank you so much! That's a huge, huge compliment to me. <3<3 *silly grin*

greesy2 (Guest), June 29th, 2010, 11:32 pm

hey red
red i was jw, o u have a scnaia account, ur comics r rlly good

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